Aluminum Leg Docks


“From Store… to Shore”

“Do-it-Yourself ” Dock Kits are ready to deck Or ….Completely Decked, Water ready packages are available.

Aluminum Dock Features

  • Dockmaster’s unique “no truss” design allows dock to be leveled low to waterline enabling weeds and debris to flow through.
  • Free standing design allows additional Dockmaster frames to be added to our standard package, or to most existing docks.
  • All aluminum, lightweight, 2″x3″ box-ladder, welded frame construction.
  • Much more rigid and structurally stable than bolt together frame pieces.
  • Light-weight 5/4″ X 6″, pre-assembled western red cedar or aluminum no skid decking options are available.
  • Standard 26′ or 30′ Frame kit includes 3 frame pieces -Two 10′ Aluminum Dock frames + one 6′ or 10′ ramp with legs lengths of 3′,4′ and 6′ included.



Custom sizes and modular design available, please inquire.

Many options available, such as bumpers, mooring cleats and ladders.

Used Docks and local Trade-ins accepted on inspection.
5' X 10' Dock with Inside Adjusters & Legs

5′ X 10′ Dock with Inside Adjusters & Legs

  • Not shipped “in a box” with “You put it together (???) puzzle pieces requiring hours of assembly time.
  • Dockmaster dock frames are available in 4′,5′,6′,8′,10′ widths.
  • Leg lengths of 3′,4′,5′,6′,8′ and 10′ are available options, dependent on water depth.
  • Two removable wood panels per 10 foot frame are recommended.
  • Easy to add more 10′ modular frame sections, as required, for longer docks.
  • Deep water leg sway brace kit recommended when over 5 feet of water depth.
  • Easily adjust frame height with stainless steel friction lock leg adjuster bolts, anywhere along leg length.
  • Leg mounted, frame leveler winch adjuster is an available option.
  • Square, aluminum, 2″x 2″ legs feature cap tops and the 8″ x 10″ welded leg skid pad are all included…standard.
  • Sectional & Modular designs in easy to handle, 10 ft. lengths
  • Most components weigh less than 45lbs.
  • Install or remove in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy installation and removal requires only one or two able-bodied people.
5' X 26' Inside Leg Dock

5′ X 26′ Inside Leg Dock

Inside Leg Docks Frame

Inside Leg Docks Frame

5' X 10' Dock with Inside Adjusters & Legs

5′ X 10′ Dock with Inside Adjusters & Legs

5' X 26' Decked Dock Kit

5′ X 26′ Decked Dock Kit