I ordered an additional dock section for my existing Dockmaster dock and unfortunately the dock that was shipped was made in error to my requested spec. Upon reaching out to them about this error they immediately responded to acknowledge their oversight and to my surprise they replaced the mishap with the correct design within 48 hours of my call, ( going out of their way to fabricate the replacement on a Saturday), including personally delivering my replacement dock to the local dealer on a Sunday !  I had the correct product ready for install first thing Monday morning. Rudy was excellent to deal with, and to quote him, " made the situation right" .  The new section is now installed and looks and functions great. I have owned a Dockmaster dock for 15 years and have had zero problems with it, thus being comfortable adding to it with this new section. As a business owner, I greatly appreciate their immediate response and concern to rectify this situation, and I feel very satisfied with my purchase and the professionalism they exhibited in correcting this mishap. I will strongly endorse this brand to my friends, and others looking for a new dock, and suggest that we need more companies like this in Canada who stand behind their products and process and go out of their way to maintain excellent client relationships. Thanks Gents.