Series I Floating Docks

Dockmaster removable docks are recommended for temporary boat moorings

  • Aluminum, all welded 2″x4″ frames..with gusseted corners
  • Western Red Cedar or Cool touch Aluminum, no skid decking.
  • Dockmaster Series I floating docks are very stable.
  • The welded 2″x4″ aluminum frame will never rot (like wood) or rust (like steel)


6' X 10', 5' X 15' Custom Ramp                             with a 12' X 20'

6’X10′, 5’X15′ Custom Ramp w/ 12’X20′


12-x-20 floating dock with custom ramp

6'x 30' Floating Dock with 10'x10' patio

6’x 30′ Floating Dock with 10’x10′ patio

  • Aluminum welded frames with foam-filled floats mounted underneath.
  • The deck panels are removable.
  • Floating docks are stable
  • the Aluminum frame will never rust or rot
  • Floating docks are stable

8×20 floating dock and custom access ramp

16″ x 20″ Another Happy Customer.


  • Dockmaster removable docks are recommended for temporary boat moorings.
  • Not to be considered for permanent moorings for boats.
  • Boat lifts are recommended for safe and proper mooring of boats at dock sides.